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We’re in it together. Not too many businesses can escape the challenge of managing, leveraging and scaling the ever-growing marketing data mountain. That’s where gathering viewpoints from the pros at events like the recent iMedia Agency Summit come in handy.

According to the iMedia website, the success recipe of the day includes a blending of programmatic buying, marketing automation, data and customer relationship management systems, targeting solutions, and analytics tools. But it’s not just about having the right tools, it’s also about efficient automation and effective deployment of these technologies.

At this particular Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona (iMedia hosts several across the nation each year), the theme centered around the balance between automation and creativity. A variety of presenters shared their viewpoints on topics such as: merging data and creative, personalization, what clients want, collaborating with the entertainment industry on content, lessons in failure, recruiting, training, and maintaining talent, driving internal collaboration and more.

Darren “Daz” McColl presented, “The Story of People and Their Technology” expressing points about how creativity has evolved based on consumer expectations—all amplified by the power of social media. The story of people and their technology basically dictates that agencies need to create worlds of experience through story participation.

In his session, Daz offered examples on how cognitive neuroscience suggests that the most powerful stories are established through experience and that technology is the great enabler for marketers to evolve their communications from a story told to a story lived.

While its no small task to create immersive experiences for brands and consumers, it is definitely today’s consumer ask. Fortunately, the current digital options and offerings allow most any business to be within reach. This ability is part of what’s been reshaping the brand consumer connection—giving rise to a new marketing order of ‘reality advertising’ and ‘brand utility.’

iMedia Communications’ Senior Editor, Nanette Marcus offers her blog recap of the presentation.

The full presentation is available view here.

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