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Marketers, technologists, and corporate leaders are always searching for ways to more effectively connect consumers with their brand. But the way consumers absorb information and make their decisions has changed. Companies need to evolve their focus from creating ads and marketing campaigns, and begin to think in terms of Organizing Ideas, Systems Thinking, and Story Systems, to create "worlds" of consumer experience. Storyscaping offers a step-by-step, actionable way to create immersive experiences that solve the challenge of connecting brands and consumers. It's a powerful new approach to advertising and marketing in the digital age that uses stories as the foundation for designing emotional and transactional experiences for customers, both online and offline. Each connection inspires consumers to engage with other connection points, so the story expands and becomes part of the consumer's story.
Discover how to:
  • Identify and define your core desired consumer segment.
  • Unlock or define your brand or organization's Purpose.
  • Understand the emotional desires of your consumer.
  • Establish a clear product/service positioning and offer.
  • Understand and map how the consumer engages with the category and the product/service.
  • Apply technology and build a Story System.
Storyscaping outlines the process of developing an Organizing Idea and creative plan for an immersive storyscape experience and explains how to define the role of marketing channels. Measure, optimize, and evolve the customer experience through the use of strong narratives that compel consumers to buy into your brand and influence others to do the same. DOWNLOAD TEASER


Organizing Ideas
Power of Experience
Story Systems
Gaston & Daz On Story
Connected Thinking

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table of contents


Great Storytelling Alone Won’t Save Your Business


Making Sense of the World through Story


Harnessing the Power of Experience


Moving from Storytelling to Storyscaping


Storyscaping Immersive Experiences for Powerful Brand and Consumer Connections


Deciphering the Code to Creating Worlds


Unlocking Your Organization’s Purpose for Increased Brand Value


Driving the Authentic Brand Behaviors That Fuel Business Growth


Understanding the Values and Aspirations of the Consumer


Using Ethnography to Understand Consumer Engagement and Buying Insights


Inspiring Experiences That Change Behavior and Drive Transactions


When Your Organizing Idea and the Experience Space Soulfully Meet


Constructing a Storyscape That Is Sensing and Adaptive


Creating an Environment That Is Conducive to Great Storyscaping

book audience

This book is targeted to:

  • CMO’s
  • Founders and CEOs
  • creatives
  • Technologists
  • Strategists
  • Small Business Owner
  • Students
  • Educators

Why Buy:

For the Chief Marketing Officer who is trying to adjust to increasing consumer expectations and control, Storyscaping can help you identify opportunities to improve and optimize your marketing; it’s like a roadmap that helps to clarify some chaos and reroute storytelling to be more effective in this always-on landscape. Why you should buy it: It offers an organized and easily adaptable approach and methodology you can plug into your organization to help you evolve rather than reinvent.

For Founders and CEOs who seek to build or rebuild relevant and sustainable brands that positively reflect the company; Storyscaping offers an approach to help you evolve and re-imagine your current brand, so that you don’t end up changing everything or starting over. Why you should buy it: It offers a holistic vision, one with both bite-size tips that can make an immediate impact as well as grander scale efforts to help organize the evolution process.

Creatives feel inspired by the concept of ‘creating worlds’ versus just making ads. Storyscaping moves a story told to a story lived, expanding your opportunities beyond the traditional two-dimensional methods and thought processes. Why you should buy it: You’ll see how the Experience Space (the playground) has expanded and how the dots connect between the impact of your work and the success of the entire project–providing an opportunity to change perceptions and increase value of your design.

Technologists read Storyscaping to gain a broader view on the abilities and impacts of building platforms that enable story immersion; a powerful connector to consumers. Why you should buy it: The stories and case studies can inspire new possibilities to help differentiate your role and the impact you make.

Strategists can begin to see brands, products and services as enablers for immersive experiences with consumers. Storyscaping helps organize the way you effectively align multiple touchpoints and make impactful connections between brands and consumers. Why you should buy it: The concepts of an Organizing Idea and how to evolve your Experience Space help you build a Story System (rather than just a linear storyline) that stands apart and makes lasting consumer connections.

For the Small Business Owner who seeks to build a strong and sustainable foundation, Storyscaping is an approach that will help you identify opportunities to improve and optimize your marketing by opening up the power of experience as part of storytelling. Why you should buy it: It’s practical. You can start implementing tips today. The real world examples and step by step methodology can help you effectively connect your brand and consumers in an always-on world.

For students, Storyscaping helps provide a snapshot of the current marketing landscape and challenges brands are facing while offering practical concepts that may help keep you ahead of the curve. Why you should buy it: It’s a plain-talk (and sometimes humorous) resource that displays both the bigger picture and also a ‘how to’ for successfully navigating within it.

For educators who seek to tackle today’s challenges using enjoyable, practical and straight-forward teaching material; Storyscaping is an all-encompassing, yet scalable, option for marketing students. Why you should buy it: It’s a practical ‘how to’ book. After the philosophy in part one, almost each chapter could be a class. It also offers real world case studies and stories to help open minds and inspire students who are focused on making a difference as future leaders.

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