Chinese Edition of Storyscaping Hits Bookstands!

Storyscaping In China


As the second largest economy in the world, it’s energizing to envision organizations in China now using the new Chinese translation of Storyscaping to ‘create worlds’ for brands.


“When we as a company decided to open source our approach, it was our hope that Storyscaping—Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds would grow legs beyond the US,” stated co-author Gaston Legorburu. “It’s truly a thrill to see the book published in Chinese. The value of it’s content has no boundaries and we believe it will make a positive global impact.”

The Chinese edition of Storyscaping has been in the works for many months and its publication marks a major milestone.

Co-author Darren “Daz” McColl expressed, “Having personally spent time working there, I appreciate the marketing challenges that brands face, and hope this Chinese book enables brands everywhere to evolve more creatively and effectively.”

Li Dongsheng, CEO of TCL Group (one of the largest electronic product manufacturers in China) stated, “You cannot change the past, so you have to create the future.”* Considering the ever-increasing pace of change, and how quickly the past passes—that statement offers felicitous advice. The Storyscaping approach acts as a valuable tool, helping companies and brands create their future by providing a methodology to create a ‘world’ of connected communications designed to inspire integrated business strategy and consumer participation with brands.

Chinese is the second language into which Storyscaping was translated and published; South Korean was the first in June 2015.

The book is available via Amazon China via



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